ESG & Impact

Growth. Profit. Impact.

Investment Lifecycle

At Uhuru, ESG is integral to every stage of our investment lifecycle, from screening right through to exit.

We start by identifying companies with great potential to offer both generous profits and significant positive impact. We actively target financial service providers that help drive financial inclusion among the unserved and the underserved. We also mobilize the women of our communities, supporting women-owned and women-run businesses.

Once we have invested in our portfolio companies, our experienced team sets to work on the value-add plan. Some of our ESG efforts include ensuring compliance with all relevant local, national and international ESG laws and legislations, improving employee working conditions, rights and welfare, implementing resource efficiency programs and making our value chains as local as possible.

As a company that believes in excellence and transparency, we implement strong governance and exercise due diligence across all business units. It is this commitment to ESG and impact that helps us to mitigate risk and to improve commercial returns while enhancing the impact of our portfolio companies.

Our promise to fully integrate ESG best practices across our portfolio companies has helped us create quality jobs, protect the environment, and build better and more resilient companies. Our vision is to play our part to contribute to a better future for Africa.

Our Focus

Uhuru’s ESG value creation and development impact objectives are as follows:

Our Initiatives

2X Challenge

Commitment to deploy 30% of our portfolio in 2x eligible companies

Gender equality and women’s economic empowerment are strategic priorities for Uhuru. At Uhuru, we proudly support the 2X Challenge, the call for the G7 and other DFIs to mobilize $3 billion in commitments to support women in developing countries with more access to opportunities allowing for more economic participation. Here’s what we’re doing to support this challenge:
Uhuru is a 2X Challenge Fund, with a commitment to deploy 30% of its portfolio to 2X Challenge eligible businesses.

Closing gender gaps

Uhuru is firmly committed to utilizing its role as an investor to intentionally and measurably use capital, to close gender gaps between women and men by investing in businesses that are: