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Complaints and Whistleblowing

Uhuru’s Grievance Mechanism is part of a wider dialogue with communities and stakeholders and enables third parties to raise their grievances.

This is where you can file a confidential grievance report or alleged misconduct by Uhuru or any of its investee companies. Grievances can be lodged in English or French. Suspicion may concern breaches of law or activities contrary to Uhuru’s policies or the policies of its investee companies. Other types of feedback can be provided using the contact form on the previous page.

We take all suspected misconducts seriously. All reports received are acknowledged and processed promptly, and if necessary, an internal investigation is initiated. A feedback of the progress made (or if completed) is given within 10 working days. Criminal matters may be referred to the police.

Reports are handled with strict confidentiality of information concerning the complainants’ identity and grievances can be reported anonymously if preferred.

Submitting contact information facilitates the process and might be necessary for requesting for additional information. Therefore, we recommend you leave your contact details as the submitter of the report cannot be identified without contact details.

You can also send a report by email, or supply additional material to support your report, to compliance@uhurucap.com (Please note that the email address of the sender will be displayed to the recipient) or by letter to:

Uhuru’s Grievance Mechanism

Attention: The ESG Manager,

Uhuru Investment Partners Limited

1625 Saka Jojo Street,

Off Idejo Street,

Victoria Island,

Lagos, Nigeria.


File a Report

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